Food Hero

A household app which helps adult people to avoid food waste at home.

  • woman with disgust face expression smelling rotten food
  • glasses filled with grains
  • Woman looks into the fridge
  • Rotten food on table
  • Two women holden spaghetti plate and laugh
  • Mother and child in supermarket
  • Batman as food rescuer


This is a short case study which is based on an idea, which was created in a design challenge in winter 2020. This design challenge was initiated by my flatmate. No further stakeholders are involved yet.

My role: UX-Designer


How might we help people to avoid food waste at home.


Creating an app that gives valueable information about food, receipes and right storing with one click.

Process Steps

  • Exploring Problem Space
  • Ideating Solutions
  • Sketching first wireframe ideas
  • Creating short styleguide
  • Future: Creating High-Fidelity Mockups
  • Next Steps


  • Pen & Paper
  • Ipad & Pen